Heroes Flick v2.18 Mod Apk “Warriors” will continue to bring you a non-general fingertips Flick experience, a variety of games will play a further test your fingertips flexibility. And the game carefully prepared by the moving story, but also will definitely touch your heart.

【story background】
The most sense of the presence of the actor to plant the most sexy actress potted plants, and decided to set foot on a journey with the public to the end of the world, looking for the experience of the implanted life experience. Even if the difficulties on the way, they have been mutual support never retreat. However, they can avoid the hidden forces in the back, to regain their own destiny?

【Game Features】
The game is simple, the player only need to use the finger to attack the role will be launched, will sweep the direction of the enemy, the role will attack the enemy within the scope of the damage.
– Challenge rich scene organs: the game has a different scene, including: glaciers, lava, etc., with different types of organs, so that the level of change, 100 play tire.
– join the team co-operation: the new join the common level, so that players can Hupenghuanyou fight together, and friends together to defeat the enemy, experience the fun of adventure together.
– skills and equipment with a variety of matching: the player can play for the role of equipment to strengthen the strength of a variety of matching skills can play both offensive and defensive, group exclusive of your own team.
– the main line of rich content: the main line of up to more than 20 islands, each island has its own small story, but also the whole story world is closely related to the content interlocking; at the same time, important role will develop a branch story, Tell the story behind each of them.
– a variety of games to test the strength: the new addition to a variety of small games, Flick in the basic play on the development of a simple and challenging game, people never play endless.

Are you willing to help them come back again?

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1.weaken the enemy
2.increase COMBO

Install Steps:
1.) Download & Install


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