Heroes of Skyrealm v1.4.0 Mod Apk (High Damage)  is a team-based mobile game that combines the action of a hack and slash RPG with the tactical elements of an RTS. Tired of the same old strategy and RPG games? Heroes of Skyrealm is a completely new experience that puts you in control, and gives you tons of gameplay options.

Summon over 30 legendary Heroes, each with unique abilities and play styles. Use powerful attack or support spells, blast your foes from distance with long-range weapons, or hack and slash your enemies with massive swords and melee weapons. The choice is yours!

Are you an RPG fan? Customize your Heroes’ skills, level up their gear and maximize their stats before battling the enemy.

Are you an action junkie? Assemble your Heroes into the perfect team and hack and slash your way to victory in this groundbreaking action RPG.

Do you relish the challenge of RTS or MOBA games? Try the brand-new Stronghold Mode, where Tower Defense meets RTS gameplay!

Looking for even more action? Crush your Rivals in the real-time PvP Battle Arena.

· Fast-paced, team-based hack and slash action – unlike other action RPGs, bring three heroes to the fight at the same time!

· Co-op Boss Raid – hack and slash with two friends – up to nine Heroes at once, all in real-time!

· Real-time PvP Battle Arena, with proprietary matchmaking technology

· RTS gameplay – build your base in the sky, collect resources, scout and conquer enemy territories

What early testers are saying about Heroes of Skyrealm:

“The graphics are surreal!”
“Cool animations, badass ultimate skills”
“Reminds me of RTS and MOBA games, but on a mobile”
“Real-time PvP…lag isn’t an issue”
“Definitely play this game”

1.) massive everything
2.) increased speed

1.) mods enabled when SFX full
2.) if this game can’t play on your device/emulator, try original – most likely dev broke on original as well
3.) this mod can be played both rooted and unrooted device – enjoy !

Install Steps:
1.) install mod apk
2.) play game, it will download tons of data
3.) enjoy

You take the risk of banning with usage of mods – afraid of being banned – don’t use mods!
Damage here is super massive, I didn’t have much chance to lower it, use the toggle if you’re clever enough. On next versions, I’ll review the damage and mod features.


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